Baby Mobile Safety

It is important to take the following safety tips into consideration when using a baby mobile in a child’s nursery.

Baby mobiles should be hung at least twelve inches away from the baby. This is an ideal place for mobiles because babies are not able to see objects when they are placed directly in front of them. In addition, the baby may try to reach for the baby mobile and if it is not attached to the crib tightly enough, it may fall down and hit her in the face. Thus, keeping the baby mobile as far away as possible from the baby is very important.  

Be sure to remove the baby mobile when the baby has turned about six months old. Since the baby can reach up and grab the baby mobile, you will be putting your child at risk by leaving it in the room. The baby mobile can be very hazardous when the baby begins reaching because there are strings attached to the mobile that can fall down with it. They can get wrapped around your child’s throat and cause strangulation, or get wrapped around other areas of the child’s body and cause other injuries. If you really cannot seem to part with the baby crib mobile, consider hanging it from the ceiling so that your child cannot reach it quite so easily.

Finally, be sure to consider opting for an organic baby crib mobile. There are many options to choose from, and this type of baby mobile will provide your child with the same exact benefits. Regular baby mobiles are known to release harmful chemicals due to the materials that they are made of, however. Organic baby mobiles are made from all natural materials and do not release any chemicals.

Baby mobiles can be one of the many hidden dangers of a nursery. However, if you take the right amount of precautious steps when it comes to hanging and removing the baby mobile, it is likely that you will be able to prevent any serious accidents from occurring.

How high should a baby mobile be hung for an infant?

At least twelve inches away from the baby. Babies cannot see objects placed directly in front of them. They also want to reach for objects and if the baby mobile is within reach, it can fall down. A general rule of thumb is the farther away, the better - but the baby still needs to see the mobile.

How old should the baby be when you remove the mobile?

Generally speaking, six months. However, it depends on when your baby is able to reach the baby mobile. The moment that he is able to, you have two options: remove the baby mobile or raise it so that it is out of reach. Many parents choose to hang their baby mobile from the ceiling when the baby is able to touch it. 

What is a great place to put a baby mobile aside from above the crib?

Although you will want to hang a baby mobile from above the crib, there is another great place to put one. It is right above the changing table. This way, there is something that can distract and relax the baby when it comes time to change diapers.


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