How high should a baby mobile be hung for an infant?

At least twelve inches away from the baby. Babies cannot see objects placed directly in front of them. They also want to reach for objects and if the baby mobile is within reach, it can fall down. A general rule of thumb is the farther away, the better - but the baby still needs to see the mobile.

What is a great place to put a baby mobile aside from above the crib?

Although you will want to hang a baby mobile from above the crib, there is another great place to put one. It is right above the changing table. This way, there is something that can distract and relax the baby when it comes time to change diapers.

Does the baby mobile need to match the décor of the baby nursery?

Most people choose to match their mobile to theme of their nursery. This does not mean that you need to, however. There are many versatile baby mobiles out there which will go great with multiple themes. All that you need to do is look for them.

How can baby mobiles be educational for babies?

Caregivers can use baby mobiles as hands on learning tools. All that you need to do is point to all of the different objects that are attached to the baby mobile. Teach your child words by letting them know the names of the objects. Baby mobiles can also be used to introduce colors to your baby.

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